Help on signing in.

  • What does "Keep me signed in" mean?
    If you check the "Keep me signed in" box, you can stay signed in to Delphitvs! on this computer for up to 2 weeks or until you sign out. To protect your personal information when you access some Delphitvs! services, we may ask you to enter your password again. The "Keep me signed in" checkbox applies to this computer only. If you're using a public computer, we recommend that you uncheck the checkbox. You can also modify the frequency by which you're asked for your password by clicking on My Account at the top of most Delphitvs! pages once you sign in. If you do so, Delphitvs! will ask you to verify your password more frequently, although your sign-in screen will still indicate every "two weeks".
  • What is this image at the top of my sign-in box?
    It's a sign-in seal--a feature to help you protect your Delphitvs! password against fraud.
  • Not seeing your sign-in seal?
    If you set up your sign-in seal but now no longer see it, you could be on a fraudulent site. Look carefully at your browser's Address bar. A genuine Delphitvs! sign-in page will always display just before the next forward slash.
  • Concerned about password security?
    Delphitvs! submits your ID and password using SSL, which provides a level of security when transmitting data.
  • What if I forgot my Delphitvs! ID or password?
    We can send you your Delphitvs! ID or password after you confirm some personal information. Remember to use your full Delphitvs! ID (e.g. to sign in.
  • Having problems logging in?
    Did you forget to include your full Delphitvs! ID? If so, please remember to use your full Delphitvs! ID to sign in.

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